And So It Begins…

Life always hands you opportunities, it’s up to you to differentiate the good from the bad. During lunch with my friend Antwan, I mentioned to him my journey and how I was working to capture it on this blog. He invited me to meet with his business partner on the spot, and a few hours later, I was showing my baby, my website, to a complete stranger. Did I ever tell you about my stage fright?!

After agreeing we COULD work together, we later me to discover HOW we could work together. And well, ladies and gents…

Ya girl is officially an affiliate of Sentient Wellness!!! 

Sentient Wellness, focusing on food and fitness, was created by three community-driven men Terence, Marcel, and Antwan, looking to improve the health conditions of family and friends around them. Founded on the principles of intellectual activity, love, and goodwill, Sentient Wellness seeks to bring one’s life into harmony through wellness programs focusing on the Physical, Emotional, and Mental bodies. 

Cool. But what is Sentient?

Glad you asked!!

Sentient means able to perceive or feel things. There is a fundamental belief that all beings, human or other, experience life through the 5 basic senses and maintain the ability to perceive, reason, and think. Understanding this, the men at Sentient Wellness focus on the emotional and spiritual health of their clients through stress-reduction and self-awareness programs. The programs incorporate meditation practice, visualizations, healthy meal prep, and fitness. They even come to your house and cook for you!!

What makes me so passionate about this company is their focus on life balance. Individually and collectively, these men have worked hard to make sure their daily life and inner life are equally balanced. They have manifested lives and careers that take them everywhere they want to go, with plenty of time for reflection and personal development. If that isn’t goals, IDK what is.

I could go on for hours, but why waste our time when you can just go to their site here!! I am stoked to start working on some projects with these gentlemen. They have a clear vision, a calming aura, and eyes like pools of kindness. I couldn’t think of better partners to start this blog life with!!

Stay tuned, sign up, follow, and share!! 

Enjoy Life and Stay Kind.

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