November Already?!

It’s definitely November! The colder weather is settling in, and gusty winds tear from trees, the leaves weakened by the hiding sun. It seems as if we play a little game of hide-and-seek with the sun, leaving for work before it rises and watching her beautiful sunset colors from our tiny office windows. November may begin our 6-month long lust for the sun, but it also opens a time for reflection and appreciation.

With less sun and colder air, we find ourselves spending more time inside, providing the perfect opportunity to begin reflecting on our accomplishments and lessons learned for the year. We start planning for holiday dinners and lunches with friends, company parties, or stressing over gifts for family, sometimes forgetting the small, yet crucial thing: gratitude.

I know when we all sit down on that particular Thursday, we will pray over food prepared by beautiful hands and share moments we are thankful for, then fill our plates to the brim, eat, and slowly slip into a food coma. I was there once. My family would fill 2 park picnic tables with a buffet of deep-fried turkey, stuffing, loaded mashed potatoes, pernil, chicharrónes, Arroz con gandules, like the works. Ya girl would do DAMAGE!!

Pero, like, have you ever have a roasted beet, lightly seasoned with fresh Italian herbs, salt & pepper, just melt on your tongue?!

We all have different traditions and dishes, I get it. And while I’m grateful for my traditions and memories, I am more thankful for how much I have grown. Food is the fuel for our body, point-blank. Period. Full Stop. Holiday meals included. I know Grandma and Aunt Gloria don’t believe vegetables are enough and that “gringa shit is the reason you’re 30 and still single because real men like meat and protein.” But, here me out, just try one dish.

This month I will be sharing a few recipes and substitutes to traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Take them, share them, spin them, enjoy them. I will also be sharing some exciting news and stories, so stay tuned!!

Published by Alexx

Just trying to make my mark count for the good guys!!

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