Plant-based vs. Vegan

It has taken a while for me to commit to being plant-based, for stupid ass reasons, however, after my surgery, I was surprised how little my body fluctuated. Yes, there was atrophy on the leg, but I didn’t seem to gain much weight, provided I was sitting for 2 months. Recovery in Ocala was rough, provided the food selection was McDonalds, Zaxby’s, and Publix Subs. Cooking wasn’t easy with a bum leg and 4 shadow dogs. So, I began research on different food lifestyles and kind of blended together what I liked.

Now, I want you to know, this plant-based lifestyle is a full spectrum, just like sexuality. Everyone is fucking different, and that’s okay!! I have IG crushes that are protesting animal rights and some that eat bacon topped lamb and veal burgers. We all have to start somewhere!! This is not an overnight fix, I still struggle with cravings for mac ‘n cheese and burgers. My goal isn’t to “convert you to a cult” or make you watch distressing videos. This is about starting. Food is the fuel to our body, and our body reacts accordingly, always.

During my deep dive research in Google and Pinterest, I wanted to find out what the difference really was between “Plant-Based” and “Vegan.”
Two words: Animal Products. Summed up, veganism is a lifestyle against any form of animal products, including food and clothes. A plant-based diet means incorporating plants and plant proteins while cutting back on animal products.

At this point, I had to remind myself, “that every little bit helps.” We all know some statistic about meat production, or GMOs, or carcinogens, and I am sure we could argue all day about the impact my own diet will or won’t make on the world. But see, that’s not the point. The point is awareness of self. Merely being aware of what you put inside your body and how it makes you feel is impact enough. My diet might not be able to change the WHOLE world, but I can change MY world.

My current status: Swinger dabbling in plant-based, Ayurvedic pescatarianism. Again, everything is a spectrum; you just have to find your comfort level!! My goal isn’t to be the perfect vegan or the best plant-based chef, what is that anyway? My only goal is to illuminate a path, sharing ways to better fuel your mind, body, and soul.

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