Plant-Based Friendsgiving Ideas

As I grow older, and more single, the more I find myself celebrating holidays with friends. It might be because they don’t ask those typical “When are you getting a husband?” questions, or maybe its because they are the family you choose. Either way, Thanksgiving has transformed into ‘Friendsgiving,’ and I’m guilty of enjoying it thoroughly. Besides, you can’t get this drunk with family!! 

I have never attempted a whole thanksgiving dinner, but I do remember the first time my mother made me clean a turkey. I. Have. Never. Been so disgusted in my entire life! I knew at that point that my Thanksgivings would be different. Another year I tried a stuffed turkey breast, but tbh, a turkey breast stuffed with brie and drowned in cream of mushroom soup, isn’t a “healthier” option. 

This year, I wanted to try something different. So I gathered the guys from Sentient Wellness, and together we made a five recipe dinner of plant-based dishes. Terence finessed the Meat-Less-Loaf while Marcel handled the Stuffed Squash, and Twan manned the Mashed Sweet Potatoes. Rounding out with carb section, I did my thing with some Cornbread and Lemon Zucchini Squash. 

Each recipe introduces different mineral and vitamin properties to your body, assisting with various ailments of the body, mind and soul. With the weather changing and dry climate setting in, we need to take extra caution in our fight against infections, viruses, or frequent colds. All recipes have been taste-tested and approved by 4 of 4 chefs. It might not have been a two picnic table spread, but it was the most fun ya girl has had in the kitchen in a while! 

I will be posting a few recipes here and a few on Sentient Wellness. Stay tuned, sign up, follow, and share!! I am so excited, eeeeeekkkkkkk!!! As always, 

Enjoy Life and Stay Kind.

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