December Dreaming

A year ago today, I was prepping for Nigeria: getting shots, shopping, packing. I was nervous but EXTREMELY excited, but I’ll tell you more about that story later. While celebrations this year will be stateside and a bit more laid back, the emotions seem to remain. December presents an end to one year and the start of a whole new one. 

There are things to be excited about: upcoming creative projects, winter wonderland that is NYC, trips to see the family, and end of year celebrations. Then we have things that make some anxious or nervous: what did 2019 Alexxis accomplish? What will 2020 Alexxis accomplish? What will the new decade bring? What am I leaving in 2019?

While looking ahead and planning is in our immediate future, I think this month is critical to ground oneself. December should be about all you HAVE accomplished and celebrating those wins. Yes, we stumble, probably a lot, but that is what makes life so sweet. I think sometimes we focus more on the difficulty in life or the rough patches rather than understanding the emotions and lessons life is trying to teach. This month I challenge you to treat AND celebrate yourself. 

You have done a fantastic job, honey!! 


Every day I will be taking at least 30 minutes to celebrate a win I had over the year. Whether I share it here, my journal, or on IG, I challenge you to do the same. I will, of course, be sharing food recipes, drink recipes, workouts, and more weekly on the blog. Join me here and follow me there! We accomplished so much; be proud!! 

Click. Download. Save.

31 days. 30 minutes. Wins Only.

Stay tuned, sign up, follow, and share!! 

Enjoy Life and Stay Kind.

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Just trying to make my mark count for the good guys!!

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