Have You Ever Scheduled a Hallucination?

If you don’t know by now, I am a nerd through and through. My favorite things to geek out on are technology, art, and science. So when my friend Kadian invited me to an art exhibit debut at ARTECHOUSE, I was ready to go!

Founded in 2015, ARTECHOUSE is dedicated to showcasing works by talented artists bridging technology, science, and creative expression. With locations in Miami, New York, and Washington DC, ARTECHOUSE provides a platform for experiential, multimedia are exhibitions. Even more, ARTECHOUSE not only showcases artists, but acts as an incubator working closely with artists to develop new talent and reach broader audiences.

On September 6, 2019, ARTECHOUSE debuted a mixed media installation focusing on New York City architecture and iconic moments in the city’s architectural culture and history. Artist Refik Anadol showcases the city’s past present and future through an amalgamation of images and machine learning in this time freezing exhibition. I could go on about how he uses algorithms, over 300 million images, and social media sourced geotagging to build this mixed reality experience, but it would bore you.

Instead, I will tell you, go early in the morning and be sure to have eaten before.

The exhibition is one that can not honestly be explained. The room is in the basement of Chelsea Market, but the artist and engineers utilized the space uniquely. Machine Hallucination runs on 30-minute segments and is projected onto the white walls and floor, enveloping you in and stimulating your senses. The chosen music seems to vibrate through your body as different colors and shapes cover your face. This installation brings every pixel to life in the most prominent color spectrum. The music is soft and deep, almost like Tibetan Song Bowls. If you close your eyes at the right time, you can practically see and feel the beach!!

It’s not often in New York that one gets 30 minutes of silence and stimulation. Here, I got both. We stayed about an hour and a half, soaking up the deep sound vibrations and varying realities of the cityscape. New York is the most unique cities I have ever lived, so its only right to experience similarly unique venues.

You can catch Machine Hallucination at 439 West 15th Street through January 2020. Doors open and close at 10, and tickets run about $24. All well worth it, especially if you get there early!!

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