Temple Treatment: Self Spa Day

I never really paid attention to my skin hydration until about four years ago. In Florida, it just always glistened; soap and water always worked. Enter New York City. Not only is the weather completely dry and drastic, but the air quality is, well, for shit. The concrete jungle locks in most of the pollution and air junk, leaving our skin, and lungs, to deal with it.

During a laser hair removal session, I complimented the aesthetician’s skin. She, like her Infinity Laser Spa sisters, had porcelain skin free of hair, blemishes, or wrinkles. She explained to me how the hair acts as a barrier of sorts and how important it was to give special attention to the lasered areas, cleansing intentionally and moisturizing closely. Even my GYN backed up the statement, adding that while SHE is self-cleaning, there is always a risk of bacteria build-up. 

Obviously, this meant I had homework to do. 

I did a little research on different body scrubs, dry brushing, and feminine hygiene. I needed to find something that moisturizes, cleanses, soothes, and smells great! There are millions of things to try these days but just trysting whatever company with whatever ingredients is not going to fly here!! So I researched the ingredients I knew I had for face care and added a few kitchen ingredients and BAM!! 

  • The Body Buffer: a full body scrub made of aloe vera, an anti-inflammatory, and brown sugar a moisturizing exfoliant. I added coconut oil, vitamin E oil for anti-aging and antibacterial benefits, as well as honey and rose water.
  • Power Polish: a gentle was for our power center down there. The aesthetician recommended Castille soap as the mildest soap for this daily cleanser. I added coconut oil, witch hazel, and rose water to target oil, dirt, and bacteria build-up.

***I feel like this should be common sense, but: DO NOT PUT ANY OF THESE INGREDIENTS INSIDE OF YOU!! YOU WILL HAVE A REACTION!!***

After I scrubbed and cleansed (10+ days after laser treatment), I massaged vitamin E and jojoba oil onto the laser treated areas and then doused my body in fresh aloe vera. While I journaled about the process and blessed my body, I rehydrated with about 20 ounces of water and some fresh fruit. “Your skin just like pearls”!!

Take it, share it, spin it, comment.

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