New Year Harvest

January, the beginning of the new year. It’s a time of planning and goal setting. I like to take the first few days to get over my hangover and also reflect. I think it is imperative to stay hydrated while drinking.

It is also important to remember who you are.

January doesn’t bring any extraordinary weather, but it does give you a new 356 days to take charge of the life you want to live and make that shit happen! What brings you passion? What makes you smile and dance? What did you want to be as a kid?

I wanted to be the first black female country singer, a flight attendant, a psychologist, and an interior designer. Buuuttt, the way my voice is set up, I’m scared of heights, I have my own problems, annnnddddd we’re working on that last one!

These professions are all about sharing and caring, so this blog will have to do for now. I might not know all of you personally, but I genuinely care about your wellbeing. I share, in hopes at least one persons path becomes easier to walk.

As the year gets started, I want to continue to support you on your wellness journey. This month’s produce does not differ much from the November or December but can still be delicious. This month I will be amping up the “raw” veggie and fruit meals with shaved brussel sprout salads, chopped veggie salads, and fresh fruit in the morning. I have put together a few recipes with ingredients targeting heart and cardiovascular health, bone health, and respiratory health.

Hey, let’s aim to get two raw veggie meals each week in your rotation this month. Deal?!

Check out this month’s fresh harvest list and get ready for some delicious, easy AF recipes!!

Published by Alexx

Just trying to make my mark count for the good guys!!

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