Plant-Based Starter Tips

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I figured since I have been giving you a few recipes a month, I could give you a little about my journey, and expand on my acronyms, and verbiage so we’re on the same page. While I am striving for a more plant-based life, I will never discourage you from tweaking my recipes to fit your lifestyle choice. There are so many steps to the plant-based lifestyle, besides just buying the meal plan your IG Vegan-Friendly crush suggests. That’s where Tribe Called Lexx steps in.

See, going cold turkey on anything is the worst option and sets anyone up for failure. We all have cravings and weaknesses, and to not celebrate these and all of you, is just a damn shame!! One step at a time. Or, as I recently told a date, “In this stage of life, I would much rather play the Tortoise rather than the Hare.”

How did I do it?

I started by cutting out red meat and pork. Not only is pork super unhealthy, it seemed to trigger my migraines. I haven’t had Pernil in over a decade, but I’m not too sad about it. I reduced red meat to only game for a while but still had low energy, felt bloated, and clogged like sludge was running through my veins. Poultry and Seafood became a staple diet for a few years. Eventually, I became pescatarian, even though I wasn’t too sure on how or where the fish really came from. I now find replacements for these “proteins” in veggie burgers and vegan meat options; however, I only eat these sparingly now.

Mass-produced veggie burgers?! Idk.

My daily diet consists of two raw meals, one cooked meal, and one meal with a little of both! My advice is my experience., over many years!! It’s not official by any means! I am still finding how this works for me, and I still need help staying on track. French fries and pizza are soooo good! This blog is a space we can feel safe asking questions, sharing thoughts, and supporting one another. The recipes are tools to inspire and empower you to find what works and makes your soul and body smile harmoniously. For me, that means sun fruits, vibrant greens, and earthy roots.

You are what you eat, literally.

Here are a few tips to understanding the recipes and ingredients I share:
Flour: I have tried almond, tapioca, and Arrow Mill Gluten Free. Arrow Mill is the closest to the all-purpose flour normally used.
Sugar: I use Turbinado and won’t ever change. Maybe.
S&P: Salt and Pepper, pink Himalayan salt, and fresh ground black pepper!
Milk: I use almond or coconut.
Desired Seasoning: I could be specific, and you hate it, OOORRR you could be creative, and it will probably be exactly what you were craving!!
Serving Sizes: 1 – 3 people unless otherwise stated.
C – cup
T – tablespoon
t – teaspoon

I’m here for any questions!! Stay tuned, sign up, follow, and share!! As always,

Enjoy Life and Stay Kind. 

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