Jalapeño Garlic Hummus

I promised myself I wouldn’t, but I wound up peeling half of the freaking beans!! My OCD kicked in super hard, and well, I peeled chickpeas.

Happy International Hummus Day to meeeee!!

Anyways, I love hummus. I add it to anything from salads to sandwiches or just a dip for veggies. Since we recently got a sample of pita in the store, and that May 13th is International Hummus Day, I thought… Jalapeno Garlic Hummus!!

I used fresh jalapenos from my uncle’s garden and let me tell you; these little things packed a punch!! Luckily I didn’t touch my eyes too many times. Add these, or the jarred ones, to your heat-liking. I probably could have added more, but better safe than sorry!!

Click here to open in new window!!

The recipe is quite simple, start by boiling your chickpeas. While boiling, I started blending the tahini with a little oil and lemon juice and chopped the peppers and garlic. Once the beans were done and cooled, I dropped them into the blender (food processor probably works better!!) a little at a time. I seasoned the batch with garlic, jalapeno, and some S&P, then added the rest of the oil and a bit of water until consistency.

I forgot to mention the cumin!! It adds such a great flavor to this creamy dish. I can’t get over it!!


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