It’s Our Anniversary!!

Before we dive into goals, I want to take some time out to celebrate. It’s been one year since the first blog and holy tits it’s been weird, I mean fun!!! I have learned so many things along the way, like how to be an entrepreneur. More importantly, how I work as an entrepreneur. It’s been the best experience thus far, and there isn’t any other journey I would want. 

I also want to take time this post to celebrate you!! I am most grateful for your support. I started this blog, let’s be honest, to start one. While I had the best intentions of being a focused resource, I honestly had no idea what I was doing. Nonetheless, the blog survived a year with a solid base of supporters. For that, I am so humbled. Thank you. 

2019 and 2020 brought a WHOLE LOT of unexpected changes. From the move to back to Florida to corona, life has been a whirlwind for sure. But do we let that stop us? Absolutely not!!

It took a while to get into a routine here, and a few life coach sessions, but I finally feel rejuvenated and even more determined to be a resource. So here are my goals to make sure this blog becomes precisely that:

  • Commitment to weekly posts, Tuesday (#tribetuesday). 
  • Heavier focus on health and wellness, including workouts and meal plans. Not just healthy yummy recipes! 
  • Year of Yes. Using my yes as commitments to achieve the life I want to live.
  • Maintain my Wandering Wellness Warrior status through state travels, at lease until our Passport ban is removed. 
  • Grow within the love that I am so I can attract the love I desire. 

I can’t wait to share this leg of the journey with you all. I would love to hear how you plan to use the rest of the year and what goals you plan on smashing!! 

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