Back, Back Again!

Maaaannnn!! It’s been way too long y’all, how the hell are you?!?! Life’s been a, Nah, 2020 has been a TRIP! I took some time away to realize study and dedicate myself to this journey. SO here I am, 1 month from certification ready to share knowledge with you!!

First I must tell you since I forgot thanks to my short attention span, I have a podcast!! (This is also where some of my time was promised.) You should check it out!! My friend Kadian and I came up with the idea of having a platform where 2 millennial women of color share their ideas, similar or not, on everything from careers to love and family. Friends, Acquaintances, and Erybody Else can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Anchor.FM. 

We recently wrapped our first season of 20 episodes and WHAT A FEELING!! It feels good to check off things from your “I want this for my life” list. Now, back to my basics.

Hello my health freaks!! I have missed you!!!! Thanks for sticking around!!!! lol.

For real though, this new season is exciting. Not only will I be bringing those fun and easy recipes, but I’ll also be sharing workouts and lifestyle hacks to incorporate both into our “new normal” way of life. Stay tuned for the first 2 weeks of my pilot workout program including recipes, meal planning, and workouts. Feel free to join us or ask any questions! 

Stay blessed. Stay safe. 

Published by Alexx

Just trying to make my mark count for the good guys!!

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