Look Ma, I Made It: Certified Personal Trainer

It’s official y’all, I am a Certified Personal Trainer!! 

I am beyond excited!

My ideal clients are women in their 30s who might have lost their way working or caring for everyone else, leaving little to no time for themselves. You may be a mom, a wife, a managing partner, an entrepreneur, or something in between. Maybe you’ve worked out before, maybe you’ve never touched a weight in your life! Shiittt, you might just be interested in trying something new! 

Who do you know that sounds like this?! Is it you sis?! Lemme know!

Email: Atribecalledlexx@gmail.com

Instagram: @Tribecalledlexx

It’s quite funny that May 5th marked the 10th anniversary of my college graduation! I look back and it’s tremendous the route I took to get back to where I found motivation! 

May 2011 Alexxis was anxious to find a program to study sports psychology, only to be devastated by the financial burden, and settle for a job in finance. vs May 2021 Alexxis, here to help “ex bikini wearers” reclaim their body, adjust their crown, and center in self! 

Your goals are my goals! Yes, summer is right around the corner, but this is about real changes that last! I am on this journey with you and have set 3 goals for myself over the next 6 months:

1) Lose 12 pounds 

2) Posture Correction

3) Practice, Practice, Practice…Hula

It is important to have realistic and attainable goals with milestones to keep you on track. While I do have a specific weight in mind for my body shape, there are a few things that are a priority to me. I promised to pay special attention to my mobility and range of motion, specifically in my ankles, knees, and shoulders. I want ankles and knees like Meg the Stallion, arms like Ciara, and abs like Jlo. Totally realistic, right?!

The most important element is to have fun! I carry a light-up Hula Hoop in my car with me at all times. It helps me keep things light and in the moment. I can’t hula and not smile! 🙂 every damn time!! 

The journey is the reward, let’s enjoy it!

Call me beep me if you wanna reach me! Let’s get your body ROCKIN!!

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Just trying to make my mark count for the good guys!!

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