Plant-based Broccoli Tacos

Happy Taco Tuesday!!

I know what you are thinking, probably the same thing you thought when I mentioned Beet Brownies. But, hear me out! These are crunchy, fresh, light, delicious, and filling! But the comfortable kind of full, not “I might burst” kinda full.

One goal this year is to try new fruits and veggies, which intrinsically means new recipes. While I came here for the broccoli, I stayed for the radish!! Radishes are kind of like bitter, astringent, spicy earth-tasting cherries. They are roots and provide ample antioxidants, calcium and potassium, and a great crunch to this dish.

If you remember, my aim for this blog is not to bore you with long stories about why my friend’s cousin’s dog’s mother doesn’t enjoy mimosas with strawberries, before reaching the recipes. So, remember these three tips, and enjoy! 

  1. Please, rinse all your veggies, with ACV, soak them for a couple of minutes!
  2. Make sure there is plenty of room in the pan as the broccoli will sweat and will cause moisture to build up further causing mushy broccoli.
  3. Don’t forget the guac! 

Buen provecho!

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