Fruits and Veggies for July

It’s July, and OMG it brought the HEAT!!! Heatwaves everywhere have me praying you all are staying hydrated through water intake as well as fruits and veggies. It’s watermelon season, take full advantage! Through a few chunks in the freezer if you’re feeling frisky!!

July means more beach time, more travel, more time with those we love and cherish. Especially since we were robbed of it last year. I won’t be one to tell you to stay away from your fave dishes this summer because I am sure you missed them dearly. just be mindful of your proportions fam! But if you are interested in trying new recipes, here’s what I am thinking for this month:ย 

Stay tuned for Summer recipes like:

  • Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls
  • Coconut Raspberry Squares
  • Sweet Potato Tostada
  • Sweet & Spicy Cucumber Fingers

Try it. Like it. Share it. 


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