Moon Bathing

Photo by Tom Fisk

When I started telling people I Moon Bathe, I received ALL the looks. After the looks came the questions, WHat? When? Why? How? So I decided why not share it all here, well everything I know. So here ya go!!  

What is this Moon bathing thing?

Moon Bathing, it’s pretty simple. You’ve been Sun Bathin before right?!…. Well, it’s like that, except with the moon! Go outside, absorb the moon’s rays, maybe do a little dance. 

It started way back in the day, and I’m talking like waaayyyy before NKOTB. Im talking ancient India, China, and Egypt, even the Celtics and pagans! Look at that, Community!!! Tradition typically involved meditation, chanting, and drinking water that is bathed in moonlight, dancing, and music.

Who can do it?

Here’s the thing, per spiritual gurus, men bathing in the moon shouldn’t happen too frequently. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t mean you all can’t be educated on it or try it once in a blue moon….pun intended. Ladies, do it monthly and watch the benefits flourish!!

Okay, but where and how do you moon bathe?

I prefer the beach, but backyards, a forest, or a rooftop would work just as well. Find a place where you have the least amount of distractions. Your moon bath could be as simple as a walk in the park or around the neighborhood. or it could be a full-fledged party and feast under the stars and moon! There is no time limit on this type of bathing, so feel free to just soak it all up. 

For my moon bath, I find a mood-setting playlist full of binaural beats, ethereal voices, and encouraging sounds. I also make sure to take at least 1 jar of water, a book or journal, my favorite stones or ones that will aid in my manifestations for the month, and of course a towel. I use my journal to log what I want to achieve for the upcoming month, I use music to dance off and shed what no longer serves me, and I use the jarred water to attract what I cannot see for myself. 

What are the benefits?

The moon’s energy can be super beneficial, with studies citing exposure to the cooling lunar energy calms and regulates metabolism and can be valuable in the fight against hypertension and other inflammatory diseases. 

Spending time outside with the moon triggers melatonin, which promotes relaxation and also boosts vitamin D. Also, for the ladies: it is believed to regulate menstrual cycles, which can aid in fertility.

When can you Moon bathe?

The moon cycle is approximately 28 days, so pick a day? For reference, the new moon typically symbolizes new beginnings, so maybe focus on reflection, setting new intentions and clearing mental space. The full moon represents celebration and gratitude. Try journaling about your wins and accomplishments for the month. 

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