Tribe Tacos

So I know I’ve been away for a while, but it wasn’t anything personal, it was just a shift of focus.

If you follow me on IG you know exactly what I’ve been up to, Tacos!! Lol. In 2022 I made 52 different Plant-Based tacos, and the results were outstandingly delicious. I had so many tacos,I feel like such a snob when friends take me out for tacos, como un Taco Snob. But if there is anything it has shown me, vegan/plant-based options are just as endless!!

For 2023, I am choosing my own path as a Taco Consultant/Connoisseur/Artist/Model lol. A cheeky way of saying I’ve started a Patreon. Patrons get a first hand view at Taco Night prep, but remember, it’s South Florida…clothing is smaller here!! Each month, I go live and we choose a recipe, gather spices, and prep the veggies for the night. Some pulled from my garden, others locally sourced. But because my attention is set up the way it is, I will be uploading the recorded and edited cooking videos throughout the month. 🙂

Eventually, I would love to share the recipes with you in a printed format. So if you are interested in that, be sure to subscribe to this blog and share your email below.

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Just trying to make my mark count for the good guys!!

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