White Bean Chili

The first time I shared this recipe was with my mother dearest, HEY MOM!! It's a strong competitor in my family for the "comfort" food when anyone is sick. The other option is Danielle's Chicken Stoup, no typo. True story, short version: In an attempt to recreate a family soup recipe, she might have cooked [...]

New Year Harvest

January, the beginning of the new year. It's a time of planning and goal setting. I like to take the first few days to get over my hangover and also reflect. I think it is imperative to stay hydrated while drinking. It is also important to remember who you are. January doesn't bring any extraordinary [...]

Pilates: Back, Core, & Pelvic Floor

Pilates, it always struck me as the exercise of the affluent, Betty Homemaker type. Alexxis deadlifts with weights, she doesn't do baby low-impact movements. HA, puny small mind!! About 100 years ago, Joe Pilates developed an exercise program, and the necessary equipment, focusing on breathing, strengthening core muscles, and aligning the spine. Today most studios [...]

December To Remember

Yesterday was the first snow for NYC, and it was quite magical. I watched from the window as the snow slowly coated the cars and ground. As I watched people slowly file out of their apartments to defrost or scrape their windows, I realized that winter was indeed here. Thanks December! December always means more [...]