Why Stretching Is So Important

A few months ago, I was discussing with a friend the differences in my workouts since my injury. I admitted my routine used to consist of “slamming weights” 5 days a week, maybe three cardio sessions, and occasional stretching. I rarely considered the pain or tightness; just pushing through the workout to get the rush.Continue reading “Why Stretching Is So Important”

Vegan Peach Cobbler

It’s National Peach Cobbler Day!! Growing up peach cobbler was always the dessert option for barbeques or dinners, and so I assumed the recipe was something super complex. It turns out, peach cobbler runs in the vegetarian realm, to begin with, so this recipe was not too hard. The easiest method I’ve seen lists simplyContinue reading “Vegan Peach Cobbler”

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Hey everyone!! I missed you tons! I am excited for what is to come. April brings my favorite season and smells, despite my allergies!! The breeze brings the smell of freshly cut wet grass, reminiscent of childhood soccer games. I remember the moms always stuffed us with oranges at halftime, and I hated them!! OrangesContinue reading “April Showers Bring May Flowers”

Plant-Based Starter Tips

I figured since I have been giving you a few recipes a month, I could give you a little about my journey, and expand on my acronyms, and verbiage so we’re on the same page. While I am striving for a more plant-based life, I will never discourage you from tweaking my recipes to fitContinue reading “Plant-Based Starter Tips”