August Produce List

August is bound to be hotter than July, which means if we are really trying to be outside for another month, we have to fuel ourselves properly. We are all adults, so I hope you are staying hydrated! If not, I’ll tell you again, Drink your water, please!! Luckily, August produce is full of fruitsContinue reading “August Produce List”

Workout of the Month: Legs & Kettlebells

So I am a fully certified personal trainer. Now what? Well, friends, I need clients.  This comes with work, trust, and a few freebies! So I am going to start a Monthly Workout and share it here with you. Feel free to add it to your routine or build on it daily. Tag me @TribeCalledLexxContinue reading “Workout of the Month: Legs & Kettlebells”

Look Ma, I Made It: Certified Personal Trainer

My ideal clients are women in their 30s who might have lost their way working or caring for everyone else, leaving little to no time for themselves. You may be a mom, a wife, a managing partner, an entrepreneur, or something in between. Maybe you’ve worked out before, maybe you’ve never touched a weight in your life!