It’s Our Anniversary!!

Before we dive into goals, I want to take some time out to celebrate. It's been one year since the first blog and holy tits it's been weird, I mean fun!!! I have learned so many things along the way, like how to be an entrepreneur. More importantly, how I work as an entrepreneur. It's [...]

Jalapeño Garlic Hummus

I promised myself I wouldn't, but I wound up peeling half of the freaking beans!! My OCD kicked in super hard, and well, I peeled chickpeas. Happy International Hummus Day to meeeee!! Anyways, I love hummus. I add it to anything from salads to sandwiches or just a dip for veggies. Since we recently got [...]

Plant Based Basics

What better time than now to get back to the basics! A friend of mine mentioned she was tired of recipes that called for items you only use a teaspoon of or diets that called for ridiculous food items. So here I am offering an easy "Shop This. Make That." program. I made a menu [...]

My Trip to Nigeria

I have traveled to many places, and have even more on my bucket list. And while for some an African Safari sounds well and good, it never seemed the right choice for me. I've had friends visit South Africa on vacation or places like Uganda with the Peace Corps and share beautiful stories and pictures. [...]