Health + Wellness

Delicious Beet Brownies

I am kind of obsessed with brownies, and saw this huge beet the grocery store and knew exactly what needed to happen: Beet Brownies. Dark chocolate and cocoa bring the anti-oxidants and fight bad cholesterol while the beets add a grounding aspect. In combination, they stimulate your Heart and Root chakra, bringing about a loving-kindness [...]

Jalapeño Garlic Hummus

I promised myself I wouldn't, but I wound up peeling half of the freaking beans!! My OCD kicked in super hard, and well, I peeled chickpeas. Happy International Hummus Day to meeeee!! Anyways, I love hummus. I add it to anything from salads to sandwiches or just a dip for veggies. Since we recently got [...]

Plant Based Basics

What better time than now to get back to the basics! A friend of mine mentioned she was tired of recipes that called for items you only use a teaspoon of or diets that called for ridiculous food items. So here I am offering an easy "Shop This. Make That." program. I made a menu [...]