August Produce List

August is bound to be hotter than July, which means if we are really trying to be outside for another month, we have to fuel ourselves properly. We are all adults, so I hope you are staying hydrated! If not, I’ll tell you again, Drink your water, please!! Luckily, August produce is full of fruitsContinue reading “August Produce List”

Fruits and Veggies for July

It’s July, and OMG it brought the HEAT!!! Heatwaves everywhere have me praying you all are staying hydrated through water intake as well as fruits and veggies. It’s watermelon season, take full advantage! Through a few chunks in the freezer if you’re feeling frisky!! July means more beach time, more travel, more time with thoseContinue reading “Fruits and Veggies for July”

Plant-based Broccoli Tacos

Happy Taco Tuesday!! I know what you are thinking, probably the same thing you thought when I mentioned Beet Brownies. But, hear me out! These are crunchy, fresh, light, delicious, and filling! But the comfortable kind of full, not “I might burst” kinda full. One goal this year is to try new fruits and veggies,Continue reading “Plant-based Broccoli Tacos”