Fruits and Veggies for July

It’s July, and OMG it brought the HEAT!!! Heatwaves everywhere have me praying you all are staying hydrated through water intake as well as fruits and veggies. It’s watermelon season, take full advantage! Through a few chunks in the freezer if you’re feeling frisky!! July means more beach time, more travel, more time with thoseContinue reading “Fruits and Veggies for July”

Avocado Protein Pudding

If I had to pick a fave KarJenner it would be Kourtney. TBH, she’s been my girl crush for years! She is a health and wellness leader, and well, I semi-religiously follow her brand. When I heard about her Avocado Smoothie, I had to try it. Avocado, another fave, is such a great fruit toContinue reading “Avocado Protein Pudding”

Plant-Based Starter Tips

I figured since I have been giving you a few recipes a month, I could give you a little about my journey, and expand on my acronyms, and verbiage so we’re on the same page. While I am striving for a more plant-based life, I will never discourage you from tweaking my recipes to fitContinue reading “Plant-Based Starter Tips”