Vegan Skillet Cornbread

Cornbread. I think I first learned its cultural significance while watching the movie LIFE, with Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, and Bernie Mac. It’s one of the few classics I’ve actually seen and man is it a good one. “You gon’ eat yo’ cornbread”?

1999, making this recipe ten years old, at least. 

Corn is a tough one, with all the scare around how they modify it and questionable nutrition, so we’ll call this recipe what it is, one for the soul. Growing up in the south, I’d like to believe I know my soul food. I used to, probably still could, slay the kitchen with a sloppy baked mac n’ cheese, savory collards, rice and peas, and cornbread. But, times have changed, and we have grown wiser and healthier.  

Most cornbread calls for butter, milk, buttermilk, and other dairy items. What if I told you, this recipe is vegan AND family reunion friendly?! 

You might not trust me yet, but you will soon. 

I made this gem with coconut milk and coconut oil 3 times in the past month, 3 different ways, and seriously, no complaints. I changed out the eggs for chia seeds and even added my grandfather’s touch of sweet creamed corn. All still vegan-friendly! You can make it in a pie pan, you can make it with a cast-iron skillet, you can even make it on a chili casserole. It’s amazing!! I’m sure you are still skeptical, no eggs? Chia seeds? Coconut? You never know until you try! 


Take it, share it, spin it, comment.

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